Fall Award 2020

Congratulations Ragu, We know this year has been unprecedented and difficult for most, this is why this award means even more. From all your shots, this photo has been awarded the Fall Award 2020 recognition(viewbug)

Winter Award 2020

Congratulations Ragu, this is epic. From all your photos, this shot has been selected to receive the Winter Award recognition. Thank you for sharing your extraordinary passion, and creativity with all of us(viewbug).

Top Creator 2020

Congratulations Ragu, you are a top-ranked viewbug photographer for 2020. Dig into the photography that made your year. Because no one creates quite like you.

My Beginning

Congratulations Ragu, From memories you cherish to that feeling of accomplishment, there is nothing like looking back and remember the feeling of receiving your first award. This one is the first shot that received an award(viewbug).

Treasure Award 2021

Congratulations Ragu, this is a big deal. Your shot has been selected to receive the Treasure Award recognition, and it recognizes that your creativity does not stop even during these times that have been difficult for many.

Hidden Gem Award 2021

Congratulations, this photo has been selected to receive the Hidden Gem Award!